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Install Page Tab

Install the Static IFRAME Tab App to your Facebook page.

Now with Custom Tab ICONS! Name your tab whatever you like, fangate your content, upload images, html, or point your page tab to an external site. Works over HTTPS/SSL!
Best of all, it's Free!

Install Page Tab
Click an icon below to install a tab with the icon:       
Want to upload your own Tab Icon? Now you can! You can now point your own Facebook Application to IFRAMEHOST. Instructions for setting up your own App with a custom icon.

pondělí 7. listopadu 2011

iframehost: Iframe Tab

iframehost: Iframe Tab: Install the Static IFRAME Tab App to your Facebook page. Now with Custom Tab ICONS! Name your tab whatever you like, fangate your cont...

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pondělí 10. října 2011

Mysiteinc: amazon-svisw1

Mysiteinc: amazon-svisw1: http://www.amazon.com/?&tag=httpmysitenet-20&camp=211493&creative=379985&linkCode=op1&adid=17PQH14701TPXBRD1NWG& http://pacov149.e-stor...